Auctioning Through Midwest Coin & Gun
:The Process:

Receive Top Dollar. Fast Payment. The Lowest Fees in the industry.
Midwest Coins is one of the fastest growing coin auction houses in the United States, providing trust, integrity and expertise in the sale of coins,
bullion, guns, and other numismatic items.

- Sell your items to the highest bidders at auction
- Extensive marketing, including by e-mail, online and traditional media outlets (Coin World)
- No minimum consignment
- The lowest fees - 0% for coins & guns over $1,000, under $1000 is 5%, under $500 is 7.5%
- Fast professional service

Consign in two easy steps
1. Call us at (319) 795-2148 or (319) 520-5091 and speak with our Consignment Director
                                               2. Send coins and a Master List to Midwest Coin & Gun via insured mail, with Delivery
Confirmation                                              3. Please call for all firearm consignments              
Midwest Coins will notify you the day your consignment arrives at our Intake Department.

If you have any questions about consigning or what your coins are worth, please do not hesitate to contact us. Telephone us at 1-319-795-2148 or
319-520-5091 or email us at

Questions? Contact Us

Frequently Asked Questions about Consigning

Shipping to Midwest Coin & Gun?

We recommend shipping coins through the United States Postal Service via Registered Insured Mail or Priority Insured Mail. This is the safest way to
transport coins. If you have coins worth more than $25,000 to sell, please contact us for special instructions. We will contact you the day your coins

Are my coins insured?

Yes, from the moment your coin(s) arrive at Midwest Coin & Gun, they are fully insured through our insurance company. A copy of our insurance
certificate is available by request.

When can I expect payment?

Consignors will be paid within 30 days, we routinely pay our consignors early (usually within 10-15 days).

What happens if my coins or guns don't sell?

Our sell-through rate is very high at Midwest Coin & Gun. If your items do not sell, we will re offer them in another auction. If they remain unsold, we
will return them to you at our expense.
Bidders, ready their catalogs, and take a final look before the
auction begins.
Worldwide Coin Auction House
Specializing in US Coin & Currency & Guns
from around the world with over 100,000 registered bidders.
An emerging leader in coin liquidation and full service coin brokerage.

It is easier than you think to
submit items for auctions.
Take a look at our
suggestions below.
CALL (319)520-5091 for
shipping instructions.
Lots are laid out and awaiting there turn on the block!