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Who is Charles Commander & What is American Hustler's

Thank you for your interest or for being a valued member of our company Commander Enterprises! We do business as: Midwest Coin & Guns, my personal blog American Hustler's, our Facebook Buy/Sell Page ' The Hustle Pages of Columbus, GA ', our Twitter page MidwestCoins, our Instagram #American_hustle_gram, and my LinkedIn page Charles Commander.

"American Hustler's is a story of the early tycoons and old money of Columbus, GA and their remarkable success, low profiled notoriety, and the power it takes to make it in the most underreported city in America, chock full of American Hustler's. Columbus, GA is home to Coca-Cola, RC Cola, Aflac, Realtree Outdoors, Columbus Bank & Trust, Tom's brand foods, along with sharing a county line with Ft. Benning Army Base, the largest Army infantry base in the world. Columbus is a river town. The Chattahoochee river divides it with it's neighbor, Phenix City, AL which was once known as the original sin city, General McArthur had the army base pointed and ready to go to war with the small town because of its negative influences on his troops. This is a tale to hear, past and present. American Hustler's blog is sure to award your curiosity as we explore 'The Core Four' families that still are the influencers of today."

American Hustler's is a personal blog on my past, my hometown of Columbus, GA, my home in Fort Madison, IA, and the stories of what I found along the way towards my goal of becoming the next American Hustler. 

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