Make Money with Midwest Coins

Looking to sell your rare coins, gold, silver, or jewelry?? We always need coins... It's easy to get started!

We have 3 options to give you maximum flexibility when selling or trading.

When the time comes to consider selling your coins, we can help you realize the highest dollar for your collection. No matter which route you take-- outright sale, Guaranteed Auction Program (GAP), or consignment-- Midwest Coins Auction Company you benefit from the highest quality personal service in the industry.

At Midwest Coins, we go the extra mile to make sure you are happy with your sale results. We will determine the optimal blend of our three programs to get you the most money for your coins. Call us today at 319-520-5091 for a consultation. Ask about our contact form: Sale & Consignment Form.

1. Outright Sale.

We will buy your coins today with an immediate check. You can either send your collection to us, or we will come to you if the collection is large enough.

2. Reserved Program.

The Reserved Program allows you the best of both worlds. You have everything to gain & nothing to lose. You can have the ability to benefit from the upside potential of auction sale, with the guarantee that nothing will be sold for less with reserve. Nobody else in the industry offers a similar program.

We make it easy! You are guaranteed that your items will not sell for less than this amount, yet you benefit from any bids above this amount. You can't lose! Settlement for all items occurs 28 days after the auction’s closing date.

There's no hidden "catch". In the past, our clients would typically send in a collection, or group of coins, for a cash offer. Now that our weekly Internet auctions are among the strongest in the industry, this is a great alternative. There are no buyback or hidden fees.

Typically, our only restrictions are that the total consignment is at least $2,500. Your settlement checks will be mailed 28 days after the auction’s closing date.

3. Consignment.

No hidden seller's fees! It doesn't cost you anything to list your coins.

Quick turnaround and fast settlement. We can get your coins to auction quicker than anyone in the industry and can offer generous advance payments!

The Midwest Coins web site offers more exposure to serious coin collectors than eBay.

NO work for you. Just ship the coins to us and we'll take care of everything.

For our Standard consignment agreement, a final realization is 80-85% of the final price realized, depending on the value of the individual items. Higher hammer realizations can be negotiated for more extensive collections.

We will work with you to establish reasonable, current-market reserves to protect your collection. If an item fails to sell in the auction format, you may consign it to our regular inventory with the set reserve as the fixed cost, or choose to the run the consignments again in an upcoming Internet auction.

4. Shipping Instructions.

Follow these easy steps to prepare your shipment to us.

Include a packing list stating the material you have enclosed.

Make sure your name, address and phone number are enclosed. Keep a copy for your records.

When shipping by Registered U.S. Mail, insure the package for an amount that you are comfortable with. We will contact you the day that the package is received. An offer is usually made within four to seven days of receipt. On larger collections, the process can take longer.

5. Shipping Address.

We need your coins!!! Ship them today for our immediate attention!

Midwest Coins use (Midwest Company)

412 N. Roosevelt Avenue

Burlington, Iowa 52601


319-795-2148 or 319-520-5091